What reviewers had to say about Shadow Dancing:

“Shadow Dancing is a lyric coming-of-age story that will appeal to readers enchanted by this demanding art form. The first-person narration conveys what it feels like to carve space into new shapes with the body, to be borne weightless on a musical phrase, to borrow the anticipation of an audience to invigorate tired muscles and bleeding feet. The music and movement is conveyed in elegant prose and sensory images that accompany Emma Kate's glissade from childhood to maturity.” Bookmuse.com

"The world of dancing and its demands--especially its emotional challenges--is realistically portrayed in Shadow Dancing, a fine novel for older teens and adults alike." Midwest Book Review

"The major strength of the novel is [Emma Kate's] portrayal as a sympathetic, credible heroine as she explores her feelings about the ballet and people with different values and backgrounds than her own. . . . Recommended for teen female readers, in particular." Barbara Kussow, Ohioana Quarterly

"Pinard uses words as a paintbrush to transform everyday life into warm vibrant colors and sensations. Her fiction often drifts into the melodic tones of song." Adam Tamashasky, Dayton Daily News

"Pinard's introspective look at the power of childhood-instilled values and the depth of parental love is perfect for teen girls--and parents who may be doubting the worth of their side of the beautiful struggle." The Boox Review

“. . . a wonderful novel--a page-turner--about a girl who goes to New York to break into ballet. Pinard reveals this world, its fierce competitiveness, discipline, terror, heartbreak and joy, and she has created a richly-complex main character who confronts it. You'll love this girl and Pinard's writing--her insights and wisdom. This is a book for people of all ages, a classic." Susan Wheeler, author of Creating the Story and True Stories

"Nancy Pinard's first novel has created a world of youthful innocence and tough reality that will provide a compelling glimpse of the future for the teen reader and an insightful backward glance for the rest of us. The setting of New York ballet is fascinating; Pinard has obviously experienced what she has written. Bravo!" Martha Barrett, author of Maggie's Way, God's Country, and Invisible Lives

Nancy Pinard is a 2005 graduate of the Queens University MFA program.  In addition to writing daily, she taught fiction writing for seven years at Sinclair Community College and offers writing workshops at the University of Dayton’s Osher Lifelong learning Institute where her students have established a long-lived writing group and founded their own small press.  She is a popular large and small group writing craft instructor with six return engagements at the Mad Anthony Writers’ Conference and has twice taught an afternoon craft seminar at the Antioch Writers’ Workshop where, she served on the Board of Directors.  On her blog, she muses on what she learns about the craft of fiction from her reading as well as describing international adventures doing novel research.        

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